Course summary

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap is a clinically proven inch loss treatment that your client’s will love time and time again. This beginner’s course for those new to body wrapping or new to industry covers both the practical and theory aspects of the treatment and how it works to ensure your understanding; giving you the tools you will need to start your body wrapping treatments.

course structure

During the course we will cover:

  • Tibby Olivier – Company information
  • Anatomy – the body systems specific for body wrapping
  • How the treatment works
  • How to prepare the client for treatment
  • Contra indicationsPicture1
  • How to carry out the treatment and provide the correct aftercare advice
  • Contra actions
  • Marketing techniques
  • Health and Safety


learning outcomes

Upon the completion of the course therapists will be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of how the body wrap works on the body systems
  • State how the body wrap works
  • Identify the correct techniques for consultation
  • List and explain the contra indications to the treatment
  • Demonstrate the correct practical application and removal of the wrap
  • List the contra actions that could occur and actions to take
  • Provide aftercare advice specific for the treatment

Course Dates: Monday 25th January, Sunday 14th February, Tuesday 1st March, Friday 22nd March 2016 – For more information please call Julie 07518714906

Course duration

1 day with some prior study; case studies may be required this will be assessed on the training date by the trainer and discussed on a 1:1 basis.


£ 250

Accreditation Towergate
Suitable for Beginners / Experience level required Beginners – New to body wrapping and also new to industry.
Kit large kit £160 + VAT or booster(Postage £5.50 or £7.50 next day)
Certificate Tibby Olivier Certificate


Large kit: £160 plus VAT / Booster Kit £195 plus VAT (as below but includes extreme booster and marketing pack)


  • 500ml solution (x20 treatments)
  • 2 large wrapture
  • 1 small wrpature
  • Measuring cup