Massage @ Number 7

Out-and-out relaxation

Massages with a mission

Sports massage from £25.00 (30 minutes)massage

This is a deeper  massage working on specific muscles and joints helping in recovery from the stress and strain associated with sports.

Swedish Body Massage (60 Mins) £40.00

Bamboo Massage (60 Mins) £40.00

Hot stone massage (60 Mins) £40.00 hot stone massage

A treatment designed to help you unwind and relax, easing away everyday tension and stress. It will also increase joint mobility by reducing stiffness.

Back Massage (25 minutes) £25.00 (35 minutes) £35.00
Say goodbye to tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back. This is the perfect treatment for anyone who suffers from workplace-related backache.

Reflexology (45 minutes) £35.00
A relaxing and reviving treatment which can relieve symptoms and address their causes, thank’s to a ‘map’ of

Workplace Massage

We are introducing a new initiative to encourage wellbeing in the workplace. In response to recent research that 12.5 million working days are lost a year due to stress-induced absence. Massage at Number 7 have designed for workers across all industries a choice of mini services that are bespoke to the clients needs, including On-site seated chair massage, mini foot massage, hand and arm massage. The initiative aims to give clients a chance to truly relax and ‘reclaim’ their lunch break, changing the idea of a mindful treatment from a luxury to a necessity that will help them to perform at the top of their game.

We are excited to be taking our expertise out of the salon and into the workplaces in our local community. We are all guilty of occasionally putting our work as top priority in our lives, so we feel it is importance that we are reminding busy workers to put their heath and wellbeing first.

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday  9.30am – 5pm

Monday & Wednesday evening on request

Saturday on request

To book an appointment call or text Julie on 07518 71 49 06

Vouchers are now available for treatments and training.